Love your Look precise ethical and sustainable manufacturing . Each collection is designed with this in mind and has been created using ethically sourced fabrics and trims.

Ronke travels to India visiting button and fabric markets to design all Love Your Look clothing. She travels to India twice a year, visiting her factories ensures they practice ethical treatment to their staff.

She designs 95% of the prints used within the collection these prints are uniquely designed for Love your Look.  She also purchases fabrics from surplus fabric markets. The surplus fabrics found are then up-cycled into a unique Love your Look designs with a nostalgic influence. We are proud to upcycle surplus fabrics, which would have other wise been left on landfills if not purchased by Love your Look.

Our sequins designs are all ethically made . We use every piece of sequin and make these into hats, bags, cover ups, even decorations for the office . Our sequin production cycle extremely important to us.

Our sequins are sustainably sourced from deadstock suppliers. This means we buy the waste so their is not waste on landfills.  50% of our sequins have been made from upcycled materials, before becoming deadstock.  We only buy deadstock sequins and what is available, so if its sold out its gone for good. Our dream one day would be to work and design with eco plastic sequins, watch this space.

All of our buttons and trims are purchased from surplus markets. We try our best to ensure these match or are the same as originally advertised. Where possible we will always try to use the same colour or match within the print or photography online.

Our collection continues to expand and in 2018 we have added men’s shirts and Winter coats to our collection.

Our small team work day and night to ensure factories can deliver what we feel is ideal for our brand and customer. We have recently been developing lots of fun acrylic jewellery and other accessories. These are inspired by our clothing collection. Our  jewellery is  outsourced from external designers & manufacturers by contractual agreement.

Who Makes Your Clothes

Love Your Look work with skilled tailors.

Our master pattern cutter on the left has been working with the company for over 9 years. He cuts all of the Love your Look patterns which are kept in paper form on his master pattern shelf in the pattern room.

Our master Love you Look sewer can be seen on the right. He has been working on all the Love you Look production from the very 1st day. Both members of staff are senior members of staff who support the less skilled members of staff during the production process.

Ethically Produced

Love your Look recognizes its obligation to ensure all collection clothing is produced ethically. The collection is produced under the following obligations.

Our Factory is based in India 6 hours from Delhi in a small town and run by a family that employees 45 members of staff. The factory is positioned over 4 floors.

Floor 1 with the showroom and main office, this space also doubles up as a photography studio for the small photoshoots.
Floor 2 is the staff kitchen at the back and large second lounge, with 80 of the space left for fabric storage units.
Floor 3 is the pattern cutting floor. 5 large pattern cutting tables.
Floor 4 is the floor with the view, the sewing room.
All the floors have a large balcony, AC and fans for very hot days.
As you can see the factory is expanding to the left for more capacity and space.


Love ur Look Animals

Love your Look are proud to support Tolfa. The local animal hospital and sanctuary close to the Love your Look Factory. Each year we donate a percentage of our profits to help Tolfa, all this is because of you.
We love animals and this charity has a very special part in our hearts.  Help support them directly by visiting them here  TOLFA WEBSITE