Empowerment and Fashion

Lets talk Culture and Diversity in Fashion…

The fashion industry is slowly coming to grips with embracing diversity, doors are finally being opened to embrace culture and diversity.

This Spring Summer our collection inspired by Mexico stood for empowerment and embracing culture. Something we are very passionate about at Love ur Look.

We start each collection 1 year in advance. Inspiration comes from everywhere, this particular collection was inspired by our visit to the V&A in 2018 to see the magnificent Frida Kahlo exhibition.

Learning about the culture and traditional dress was very important to create this collection. These beautiful indigenous designs, colours and prints gave inspiration to for our Mexicana collection.

The beaded ceremonial blouse in the picture above, also from Kahlo’s wardrobe, is from the Nahua village of San Gabriel Chilac, Puebla state. Intricate designs, embroidered with imported glass beads on cotton cloth, include flowers, birds and ‘Aztec’ dancers.


Why Frida is important to our inspiration..

Did you know Frida Kahlo took pleasure in combining indigenous garments from different regions. Sometimes her idiosyncratic ensembles included European or Asian garments mixed together with her traditional clothing. 

I feel Frida was willing and able to see a world where everyone was able to wear clothes which represented the diverse world we live in today, way before her time. This mixing of culture and transitional dress showed how open she was to EMBRACING CULTURES with her own heritage. Something we see as a symbol of empowerment for ones identity.  Empowerment is something we feel at Love ur Look should be truly explored and embraced.

‘A famous photograph taken by Nickolas Muray in New York shows her wearing one of her Tehuana ensembles. Her voluminous skirt is trimmed with hand-made lace; geometric designs, chain-stitched on a sewing machine, decorate her huipil of commercially made cloth. Kahlo’s unique dress style continues to inspire designers the world over. Importantly it also focuses attention on the technical prowess and enduring heritage of weavers and embroiderers across Mexico and Guatemala.’  Sayer. C  (2018)

Meet Aima Indigo

We wanted to know how our designs empowered others, but most importantly someone with Mexican heritage.

So we reached out to Aima Indigo.. A model and entertainer who is vegan, animal activist and extremely proud of her heritage.

Watch the video below to see what she had to say about our designs. 

Our Collection

A closer look at the print for all those who are interested shows both black and white females (symbolic to the multi cultural world we live in today), dancing to  music. Looking over the night sky and beautiful field of cactus.

History buffs might be interested to know that Sombreros, like the cowboy hats invented later, were designed in response to the demands of the physical environment. The concept of a broad-brimmed hat worn by a rider on horseback can be seen as far back as the Mongolian horsemen of the 13th century. In hot, sunny climates hats evolved to have wide brims, which provided shade. The exact origin of the Mexican sombrero is unknown, but it’s usually accepted that the hat originated with Mestizo cowboys in Central Mexico.

Our collection is for..Every Race, Every Religion, Every Sex!

Fashion is about strength, empowerment, joy and learning about something new.

This is why we designed this collection.


Check out this company that will take you to Mexico for workshops, visits textiles etc.. Amazing if you want to learn more about Mexican culture and traditions. CLICK HERE