This is a Black Owned Business In the UK

Writing the title of this blog is something I could only imagine. To be able to shout from the roof top that I am no longer hiding behind my brand is something a lot of people might not understand so here it is spread out in the open for you to understand.

When I first started my business in 2013 I started by selling on Spitalfields market. My brand was purely vintage and dedicated to the 1950s.  From the very start I knew I wasn’t seen as the brand owner. The people who were seen were my friends who would come to help me. My white girlfriends who came to help also kept asking ‘why do they keep coming to us and assume we are the owners ?’ .. From that day I understood I could never be expected to be the face of such a company, even black people don’t expect Love Your Look to be owned by a black female. So that’s what I adapted to.

I adapted to hiding in the background. Using more white models, because my belief was this is what people want to see.

In 2015 I stumbled upon my dissertation (written in 2004) ‘ An investigation into the lack of ethnic groups within advertising’.. I cried and realized I had been subconsciously  painting a true image that I had been fighting for while a student.

Since 2015 my brand mantra has been ‘Everyone deserves to feel fantastic’ and this needed to be shown in my brand. Today Love Your Look is extremely inclusive and we will continue to include all shapes, race, disability and sizes into our campaigns, website and social channels.

BLM means so much on so many levels. There is still so much work to be done, but I am glad I had the strength to finally talk about this topic and I hope to inspire others to be able to step forward in front of the camera.

I still remain the only black female in the UK to own a reproduction VINTAGE sustainable company. There are a lot of vintage reproduction companies and the industry is bigger then you can imagine.  Today and everyday my visibility is relevant.

As an academic and business owner I make it my mission to inspire others to step forward into the LIGHT.