Our Sustainable Face Masks and Our Charity

What a crazy 5 weeks it has been. We truly hope you are all well and your loved ones are all safe and healthy.

As many of you know Love ur Look strongly believes and upholds a sustainable and ethical manufacturing belief.

Transparency is key for our brand and communicating this to you all is something you’ll hear us shout about more and more, especially now during Covid19.

Over the next few weeks we want to highlight the charity we support and have worked with for a number of years. Each year you we donate a {87830ab0c479f0d436724dc18ec08f6a49870e4ef64aeb88915985430a60404f} to them at the end of year, so every item you purchase really makes a big difference. Our charity Tofla UK really works hard to look after a number of animals and now more then ever its vital to give them our support.

How are we doing this?

You can support by helping and purchasing a sustainable mask or sustainable head tie. Both are made from our off cuts and made in the UK.

When you purchase a mask or head tie 50{87830ab0c479f0d436724dc18ec08f6a49870e4ef64aeb88915985430a60404f} will be donated to our charity.

Please watch this video below for which will show you more about the charity you support when you purchase from us.


If you would like purchase a mask CLICK HERE . If you would like to purchase a hair tie CLICK HERE